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With My California Premarital Online Course, You Will:

  • Access to an engaging and fun 12-hour, video-based online premarital course, not a boring PDF or slideshow.

  • Prepare for marriage with the most experienced, top-ranked licensed relationship expert Dr. Liliana Wolf.



Through science-based, enjoyable, and educational exercises and activities.

Following THE blueprint that makes the dream of happily ever after a reality.

deepen your emotional connection


A​re you planning to get married in Illinois?

What if I told you that...

a mere 12 hours invested in my course would have the power to enhance your life together forever?


That’s right… in only 12 modules, I will help you find a place of pure bliss. 


A place where you two will be able to experience joy, deep connection, true acceptance and a complete understanding of each other. 


Sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it?


Well, this is what I do.  I’ve been helping even the most deeply in love couples find more.  More love, more intimacy, more connection than they ever thought possible. 


Now it’s your turn to experience this.


I’m Dr Liliana Wolf, a licensed psychotherapist, former adjunct professor of psychology and relationship expert.  With over 28 years’ experience working with couples just like you, I know EXACTLY what you need to take your relationship even higher!


Yes! It is possible!!

I am on a mission


I am determined to reach couples who are about to embark on this journey of marriage and present them with the latest and most comprehensive evidence-based scientific info available…for as little as possible. 


Now, do not be fooled by the low price of this course. Those who wish to work with me 1 on 1 for premarital counseling or couple’s therapy wait months and pay me $300 per hour.  Yes, getting couple’s therapy with someone at my level of experience can be expensive and even above most budgets.

That is exactly why I crafted this course.


I wanted for all couples, who find value in preparing for marriage, to have all the tools needed to maintain a strong bond forever.


Because so many of you may feel you do not need a course like this, after all you are deeply in love, I also understood from the beginning that my course had to be engaging, entertaining and fun.


I promise you, this is not your average boring, stuffy premarital prep course. 


Doing this training will help you:


  • Prevent the cycle of destructiveness that many married couples get caught up in.

  • Take control of the reactions that cause you pain and damage your relationship.

  • Manage conflict so it does not escalate.

  • Mend what breaks for a stronger bond.

  • Feel emotionally safe and connected every day.


This program will also show you how having a deep emotional connection will build a strong basis for incredible sex, and how in turn, incredible sex produces even deeper connections.

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My Healthgrades reviews as a clinician

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Are you two ready to truly experience what a lifetime bond of love and connection really means? 

:Dr. Wolf Has Been Featured in


What Makes this Premarital Course Different?



Congratulations on your decision to get married!

The mere fact you are exploring the possibility to invest in preparing for this journey shows that marriage matters to you. I have great news! Research has shown that couples who decide to prepare for marriage tend to be the most committed.

There are a plethora of studies which indicate that by taking a pre-marital  course you will be:

  • Enhancing your marital satisfaction

  • Building a strong bonding and connection, and

  • Increasing the probability of remaining married by 50%. 

If you are like most,  you choose to be married because you have love in your heart, and marriage feels so right to both of you.

I would be so honored to accompany you on this lifetime journey

Our Illinois Couples' Stories

The Magic of Happily Ever After Starts Here

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We both loved this course, we think it really made us engage and think. We learned more about each other and now feel completely ready!

 Couple in White County

twogether in texas.jpg

I really enjoyed this course and it really highlighted numerous topics which was very informative and assisted in getting to know my partner a bit more. I would recommend this to some of my friends whom I think would benefit a lot from this.

Couple in Woodford County

texas premarital course.jpg

This was a tool that enabled us to have so many great conversations. We are so glad this was easily accessible as we begin our life together. Thank you, Dr. Wolf!!

Couple in Morgan County

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Everything in one place.​


Detailed Instructions

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BONUS With Your Purchase

FREE Illinois Name Change Kit. $35.00 Value

Money Back Guarantee


Your satisfaction is important to me! If you are not completely satisfied with my course, I will refund your money.

Here is a summary of my refund policy if you are not satisfied with this course:

  1. Request a refund via email within 30 days of purchase.

  2. My office will then issue a refund.

  3. Please note that there is no refund once the Certificate of Completion is issued.

More About Me (Us)

Coral Gables, Florida has been home to my family for the last thirty-eight years. After finishing graduate school, practicums, internships, and licensure requirements, it only seemed natural to open my practice in this beautiful city. 


My husband Carl has been my lifelong partner and love of my life. We go way back, and it’s hard to believe that when I met him, he was much younger than our son is today. While our marriage hasn’t been perfect (I have never seen a perfect marriage), I am very grateful for Carl. 


When I say that a deep emotional connection is at the heart of every satisfactory relationship, I mean it because I’ve lived it. This Texas online premarital course is as much Carl’s as it is mine. His love, patience, and support has made it possible, and I feel so blessed!

Liliana Wolf

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