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Daring Greatly and Rising Strong Workshops

Claim the Woman Within

Life has its challenges: having that hard talk with someone you love, a friend, your boss; fighting those pesky gremlins inside your head that eat away your peace; wanting more from life, yet feeling that you are just not good enough..

I know how you feel. I was there too, and It does not have to be that way.

Liliana Wolf


Only Certified Facilitators can lead Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly and Rising Strong Workshops.

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops

Ready To Step Into The Arena?

Oh, yes! You too can feel the strength and power of : 

  • Showing up authentically and courageously in all areas of your life 

  • Reclaiming the energy used by your inner critic to knock you down 

  • Becoming fully engaged in each thing you do 

  • Actualizing your full potential 

  • Treating yourself with the love and compassion that we all deserve 

  • Letting go of perfectionism

  • Setting healthy boundaries without feeling guilty

  • Cultivating vulnerable, honest and loving relationships 

  • Experiencing joy, belonging and acceptance 

  • Enjoying guilt-free time to relax and play

  • Releasing the pleasure of enjoying your creative self 

  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with those who have earned your trust 

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops

Because LIVING A WHOLEHEARTED LIFE is worth experiencing…

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops

LiIiana Wolf is proud to be part of a selected group of Hispanic women determined to take Daring Greatly Workshops to every corner of  Latin America.

Join me, Liliana Wolf, in a Daring Greatly™ or Rising Strong™ workshop to learn the powerful tools that will assist you in transforming your life.

In a supportive, safe, small group setting you will have the opportunity to connect with other women who can relate to your struggles and, just like you, are looking for the same positive changes in their lives. 

Together, we will dig deep and examine the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that hold us back from living a wholehearted life. Examining and practicing trust, vulnerability, and your core values, you will learn and experience: 

  • courage 

  • emotional resilience 

  • authenticity 

  • joy and serenity 


Let your authentic Self show up, be seen and be brave in all the arenas of your life – from family to career and from interpersonal relationships to your own relationship with yourself.

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops


Daring Greatly and Rising Strong in Miami Beach

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops
Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops
Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops
Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops

Eight women from various walks of life will answer the call to be brave. In the toughest journey they will ever love, they will DARE GREATLY. Are you one of them?

Daring Greatly™ in Miami Beach.


Next Intensive 3-day Workshop Weekend:

7/23/21 to 7/25/2021

Friday, July 23rd, from 6:00 pm a 8:30pm

Meet & greet (optional)

Saturday and Sunday July 24th and 25th

from 8:00 am a 6:00 pm.

An intensive journey of16+ hrs.

Carriage Club North
5005 Collins Avenue, #707
Miami Beach FL. 33140

Contact (305) 663-0010  or to register for this upcoming100% transformative event. Major Credit Cards, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal accepted. 

Early bird savings. Save $200.00

Register by 7/09/2021




Regularly $1,297.00


Workshop includes live facilitated sessions in a small group environment (limited to 8 participants) all course materials, refreshments, snacks, light lunch and parking on the premises.

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops

With Brenè Brown, Camp Allen in Navasota, Texas

Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops
Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops
Dr. Liliana Wolf workshops

E.B.J. ( The Daring Way participant)

I went to a retreat this weekend titled The Daring Way. It was emotionally and mentally draining but in a good way. In two days I met 7 of the most beautiful women walking the face of the Earth. At some point we were all able to trust each other enough to open up and we all cried for each other's pain. Thank you doctor Liliana Wolf for this experience. As tired as I was, as I'm walking to my bedroom I noticed this picture of me on the day of my wedding that we hung in a spot that when the front door opens, it completely blocks me. And it hit me that I don't belong there. I got home from work today and I immediately hung it that as soon as you open the front door you will know that I am the Queen of my Castle. It never resonated with me until last night.

T.R, (The Daring Way participant).

Gosh!, where do I start? I never imagined that in a mere two days, I would be able to rid myself of so many layers of pain and unresolved business.  Daring Greatly is the best WORKshop you can gift yourself.  I was hesitant at first. Two days to transform your life? That is a huge promise. Well, Dr. Wolf delivers. I don’t know how you do it. You created a safe place for us all. We trusted each other. Marble by marble we became vulnerable, opened up and shared with an open heart.  I will forever be grateful to you and my ‘sisters’ for this amazing experience.  (T.R, The Daring Way participant).

Rey H., Miami, FL

Dr. Wolf has been such an important person in my life as she has helped me put my emotional life back together. I was in such a dark place dealing with so many things in my life including work, family, and friends. I am now in a better place thanks to Dr. Wolf. I would highly recommend her to anyone who requires psychological help. Thank you Dr. Wolf for making me feel alive again.

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