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I teach couples how to hack the love code and the secrets to love ever-lasting with powerfully effective & affordable relationship & premarital online courses.

I help couples make the magic of true bonding last a lifetime.

You’ve seen those couples holding hands in the street, snuggling up at dinner parties and staring longingly into each other’s eyes a decade or more into their marriage…

What’s their secret code? How are they still so connected, loved up and #couplegoals? 

I can tell you.

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Let's hack the love code together

The Ultimate guide to healthy, happy, rewarding relationships

You deserve everlasting love…

And I know how you can make it happen!

Liliana Wolf


A licensed psychotherapist, former professor of psychology, and international relationship expert, Dr. Wolf has been preparing couples for marriage at her Coral Gables office for over 20 years. 

As an approved and certified provider of online premarital courses in all USA states extending incentives to engaged couples, her online courses are noted to provide the tools that facilitate deep emotional connection making the magic of true bonding last a lifetime.

Favored by couples, her online relationship courses have achieved a consistent 5-star rating, positioning them in the top 1% in sales by the Teachable platform worldwide.


Ranked at the top 1% in the specialty of marriage and family nationwide by HealthGrades, Dr. Wolf is at the top of her game as a professor and practitioner.

Liliana Wolf

Liliana Wolf, Ph.D.,LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist

Florida, State License MH# 4533 Coral Gables, Florida


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