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With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

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Know each other more intimately

Through science- based enjoyable and educational exercises and activities.


Deepen your emotional connection

Following THE blueprint that makes the dream of happily ever after a reality.

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With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

Are You Planning to Get Married in South Carolina ?

Want to have a deep emotional connection with your partner for the rest of your life? Let me show you how you can have this through my 10-module course. You will learn ways to find joy, belonging, and understanding in your relationship. 


​I have been preparing couples for marriage for 28+ years, and now I want to help you! ​


​Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Liliana Wolf, and I’m a licensed clinician, a former adjunct psychology professor, and an author. 


The problem with traditional couple’s therapy is that it is expensive (up to $300 per hour) and often has long wait times. This prevents many couples from obtaining premarital counseling in the first place. My goal is to provide an affordable premarital course with current and evidence-based information and then reach as many people as possible with it. 


I believe that my course will provide you with the tools that you need to maintain your marital bond for a lifetime. 


Don’t worry, this course is engaging and fun!


At the same time, it will teach you some important concepts including: 


  • How you can avoid getting into destructive cycles that are common to many marriages 

  • How you can avoid the impulsive reactions that usually end up damaging the relationship 

  • How you can de-escalate conflict when it arises 

  • How you can repair relational rifts when they do occur 

  • How you can build a foundation for emotional safety in your relationship 


A healthy cycle in marriage starts with a deep emotional connection, which sets the stage for a healthy sexual relationship, which continues to build the foundation for a deep emotional connection. 


In my premarital course, you will learn how to be deliberate and mindful about creating a deep connection in your marriage so that you can experience a lifetime of bonding.

Dr. Liliana Wolf

My Healthgrades reviews as a clinician

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Testimonials from couples who have taken my pre marital preparation course.

843 Reviews

Amazing course

This is an amazing course. Well put together. It prompted some good discussion. Loved that it has videos and great exercises.

Thank you!

To Dr. Wolf: Your course covers a lot of great information and the exercises are tremendously helpful. Thank you for such a well thought out course!

We did not expect this. Thanks!!!

This course inspired many different conversations. We did not expect this from an online course. It was very helpful and entertaining. Thank you for putting such a great course together.

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

Qualified to provide Premarital Education in All 46
South Carolina Counties

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Money Back Guarantee


Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely satisfied with my course, I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Here is a summary of my refund policy if you are not satisfied with this course:

  1. .Request a refund via email within 30 days of purchase.

  2. My office will then issue a refund.

  3. Please note that there is no refund once a notarized Certificate of Completion is issued.

With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

This is a qualified Premarital Education Program based on my credentials as an Ordained Minister in good standing in the State of South Carolina

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My Professional Affiliations

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With our Official $25 per couple South Carolina Online Premarital Course

you will get a $50 tax credit 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Notarized Certificate of Completion valid?

It is valid for up to one year after course completion.

Does the course need to be completed in one sitting?

No, it does not need to be completed in one sitting. You have access for one year, and you can complete this eight-hour course at your own pace!

How do I know you are an approved provider in my county?

In the State of South Carolina, the provider of a premarital preparation course must either be a state licensed mental health professional, or an active member of the clergy. Dr. Wolf is a licensed mental health therapist in the State of Florida, and an ordained minister in South Carolina, which under South Carolina regulations, permits the issuance of an official South Carolina premarital certificate of completion. We are an authorized provider throughout the State of South Carolina, meeting all the requirements of the law.

What if we live at different locations or have conflicting schedules?

South Carolina statues require that couples complete the coursework together. In order for this online course to meet this criteria you will have to complete this course together rather than separately.

More About Me (Us)

My husband, Carl, and I have made Coral Gables, FL our home for the last 35+ years. I opened up my counseling practice in Coral Gables 20+ years ago after completing the educational and licensure requirements. 

​Carl is the love of my life, which I’m so grateful for. Marriage takes work, but Carl is my lifelong partner. 

If you want the key to a lifelong successful relationship, then you must learn how to be deeply connected at an emotional level. My husband and I know this from experience, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. Carl’s love and support has made this premarital course possible, and I’m so happy I can offer it to you! 

Liliana Wolf