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a $20 discount on your Utah marriage license

100% Online Approved Utah Marriage Education Discount (MED) Course!

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With our $19.00 Utah Premarital course you will

get a $20 discount on your Utah marriage license. Valid in ALL 29 Utah Counties

  • Get the most updated, engaging and fun video-based online course available, not a boring PDF.

  • Prepare for marriage with Dr. Liliana Wolf, an experienced, top-ranked licensed relationship expert.

  • Get a $20.00 discount on your Utah marriage license by showing an Official MED Certificate of Completion with your discount code.

  • Discount is greater than the cost of this course, making THIS course BETTER than FREE.

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Know each other more intimately

Through science- based enjoyable and educational exercises and activities.


Deepen your emotional connection

Following THE blueprint that makes the dream of happily ever after a reality.

Certificate of Completion

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Get an Official Utah Marriage Education Discount (MED) Certificate of Completion the SAME DAY you complete this course.


Save Money

Get a $20.00 discount by showing your certificate. This course pays by itself and leaves the most money in your pocket

Wouldn't you wish to invest

only 6 hours of your time

for a lifetime of marital bliss ?

Why Choose This Course:

With our $19.00 Utah Premarital course you will

get a $20 discount on your Utah marriage license. Valid in ALL 29 Utah Counties

Are you planning to get married in Utah?

In this 12-module premarital course...

I will show you how to remain deeply emotionally connected for life and maintain and enhance the joys, sense of belonging, acceptance, and understanding that comes from the intimacy of a marital relationship.  


Sounds epic, I know, but...

Scientific research shows that couples who prepare for marriage beforehand have everything they need to maintain their marital bond forever.


My name is Dr. Liliana Wolf and I’ve been equipping couples with the tools they need to prepare for marriage over the last twenty-eight years, and now... 

I can do it for YOU!

​I’m a licensed clinician, a former adjunct professor of psychology, author, and relationship expert, and…

I’m on a mission. 

I created this online premarital so that couples can prepare for marriage with the latest evidence-based information at the most affordable price. 

Don’t let the price of this online course fool you. You would pay $300/hr and wait months to get a premarital counseling appointment with me in my Florida office. Couples therapy with an experienced clinician is expensive!


That is why I created this course.


After taking this course, you and your partner will learn: 

  • to avoid entering destructive cycles 

  • how to curb impulsive reactions 

  • to de-escalate conflict 

  • to repair rifts

  • to build an emotionally stable environment

  • to establish a healthy sex life in your marriage    


All of these things will ultimately give you the framework you need to facilitate a deeper emotional connection with your future spouse.

Ready to learn the secret code

to love everlasting?

Receive a $20 savings on your

Utah marriage license!

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Dr. Liliana Wolf

My Healthgrades reviews as a clinician

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With our $19.00 Utah Premarital course you will

get a $20 discount on your Utah marriage license. Valid in ALL 29 Utah Counties

:Dr. Wolf Has Been Featured in

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11 Powerful reasons Utah couples made THIS  Utah Premarital Online Course a best-seller

Utah Premarital Course

This course


REAL 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Yes! we are that confident of the value this course provides Utah couples. Love it or ask for your money back. No questions asked.


Generous 365 days access

Log in and out at your leisure. You have unlimited access to the course throughout your first year of marriage.


Created and led by HealthGrades top 1% clinician in marriage & family
category Nationally (2017-2021), licensed Florida psychotherapist, and former Psychology Professor. (Florida International University)

Count on The Relationship Prof. to deliver this video-based course in a didactic,
lively, and engaging manner. Committed not to bore you with copied and pasted
PDFs read on camera, filled with material gleaned straight out from a marriage self-help book.


LGBTQ version available

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of LGBTQ couples. Voted "The Best LGBTQ premarital preparation course of 2021" by the Choosing Therapy organization.