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Online Premarital Course

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Best Premarital Preparation Online Course at the most affordable price

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Get a $45 discount on your marriage license

Why Choose My Course:

  • Get the most updated, engaging, and fun video-based online 4-hr.course available. We promise that it's not a boring PDF or slideshow.

  • Prepare for marriage with Dr. Liliana Wolf, the most experienced, top-ranked licensed relationship expert.

  • Get a $45.00 discount on your Oklahoma marriage license by showing our Notarized Certificate of Completion and signed Disclosure of Premarital Counseling Affidavit.

  • Discount is greater than the cost of this course, making THIS course BETTER than FREE. 


Know each other more intimately

Through science-based, enjoyable, and educational exercises and activities.


Deepen your emotional connection

Following THE blueprint that makes the dream of happily ever after a reality.

Notarized Certificate of Completion & Affidavit

Receive a notarized Certificate of Completion and signed Disclosure of Premarital Counseling Affidavit guaranteed to be accepted by the State of  Oklahoma

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Cost of Our Online Premarital Course                                    $17.97

Discount on Oklahoma Marriage License                                $45.00

Money You Get to Keep In Your Pocket                                  $27.03

Wouldn't you wish to invest only 4  hours of your time for a lifetime of marital bliss ?