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About This Online Premarital  Course

With This Premarital Course You Both Will Learn:

That You Were Born to Connect 

From the moment you were born, you are neuro-biologically wired to create attachments. Groundbreaking research spearheaded by Dr. Susan Johnson from The University of Ottawa, Canada clearly has torn down the myth that humans outgrow this need once we reach adulthood. Provocative, isn’t it?

To Avoid the Destructive Cycle of Disconnection

We all want to feel loved and accepted. When we sense disconnection, however, we go into panic mode. Some of us will withdraw, while others will fight for reestablishing a connection. This can send any relationship into a destructive never-ending cycle.

To Understand Your Triggers 

In this module, you will learn to go beyond impulsive reactions and delve into the real heart of every problem. Most importantly, this module is packed with eye-opening exercises to practice. Practice, as they say, makes perfect…(well, almost).

The Three Key Elements Behind Marital Satisfaction 

Happily forever after starts here. My Questionnaire, up until now, was only available to those couples I prepare for marriage. It taps in on the three main components of deep emotional bonding and connectedness. You will be able to access it with this online premarital course.

How to Maintain Emotional Safety 

Because it is so easy to feel hurt the moment we sense disconnection (and you will have those moments in your marriage), I will reveal to you “the game-changer”. This is the key practice that helps create and maintain emotional safety in your marriage.

To De-Escalate Conflict 

This module goes beyond the ‘basic skills to resolve conflict’ that most courses focus on (part of what makes us different). Here you will learn to practice empathy. Research has shown that empathy is not a trait, but a skill you can actually improve. I'll show you how!

About Your Values… Your Essence 

Research on values indicates that these tend to predict our attitudes, preferences, and behaviors. As you become partners in life, an open conversation on what each of you considers good and worthy is of the utmost importance.  With my guided conversation tool “My Values, My Essence, Your Values, Your Essence,” which again, up until now was only available to couples I see at my office, you will have the opportunity to discuss your values with each other.

To Openly Talk About Finances 

In this module, the two of you will find a guide that will facilitate an open dialogue of what most couples have difficulty discussing: finances. You will not be leaving any stone unturned. You will dig deep into your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors regarding money.  What you don’t talk about can actually hurt you. 

To See If You Are Ready For a Baby…. Or Not

Here you will find what happens when a baby arrives, and what the pre-requisites are that make sure the transition into parenthood is successful. Here you both will explore your readiness for having a baby.

To Live Happily Forever After

Time to put into practice this evidence-based blueprint to make your relationship last a lifetime.  Use it, live it, practice it, make it part of your everyday life with final recommendations based on my work with thousands (yes, thousands) of couples.

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