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Anderson County

Our premarital online course is certified and authorized by Twogether in Anderson County. In fact, our curriculum is approved in all 254 Texas counties. Continue to learn more!

Anderson County
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Armstrong County

Twogether in Texas

Online Premarital Course

Comprising: Claude, Washburn


Official Twogether in Texas Premarital Course

Save time and money on your Armstrong County marriage license application by completing our approved Texas premarital online course with a top-ranked and experienced marriage therapist, Dr. Liliana Wolf!


Phone: (806) 553-2860

Fax: (806) 553-5981



Armstrong County & District Clerk
100 Trice Street
P.O.Box 309
Claude, Texas 79019


Monday - Thursday

7:30am - 6:00pm  
Closed on Friday

Armstrong County

Marriage License Information

  • Due to COVID-19, the Armstrong County Clerk's Office is limiting public access until further notice.

  • Certain transactions will still be processed by appointment only.

    • Only the party/parties involved can attend the appointment

    • Each appointment request will be screened for immediate need and decided on a case by case basis

    • CALL the County Clerk's Office to learn more: (806) 553-2860

  • Couples that have completed a state-approved marriage class receive a $60 discount and waive the 72-hour waiting requirement to have a valid license.    

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