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 An interactive science-based Premarital

Preparation Class for the Christian couple


Florida Premarital Course
Dr. Wolf International Relationship Expert.

Print Official Certificate IMMEDIATELY
After Completion of Course!

Florida Premarital Course

Get Dr. Liliana Wolf's authentic Florida Premarital Course Online

The only one with money-back guarantee.

If it isn't Dr. Wolf's course

It is not Florida Premarital Course LLC




and counting

Instant Access 

This course becomes FREE after

The State of Florida $25 discount

The $24.97/couple



Premarital Course Online

Get married the SAME DAY you apply for your license

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Save time on your Florida marriage license
Save money on your Florida marriage license
Money back guarantee on your Florida marriage license
4 hours florida premarital courselicense
Marriage License Florida




SAVE $25






4-HOUR 100%






This Florida bride says it best

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Sharlene Melenciano

Florida Couples Testimonial

"...After completing this course,

we would 10000% recommend this to any and every couple.

Even if you feel your relationship is healthy, do this course. You will learn so much about each other and understand what is needed to make the relationship last. This course is for preparation, grounding, communication, and restoration. If you can make the time to do this self paced course (even if it’s just 1 module a night), DO IT!"

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You have the questions, I have the answers

Let's start!

florida premarital

Dr. Liliana Wolf Is an Approved Premarital Course Provider in ALL 67 Florida Counties

For proof of approval in your county, click the button below

10 Powerful Reasons THIS  Florida Premarital Online Course is Your BEST Option

Florida Premarital Preparation

This course


REAL 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Yes! we are that confident of the value this course provides Florida couples. If you don't love it, request a full refund. No questions asked.


Generous 6-month access

Log in and out at your leisure. Complete the course in one sitting, or take your time. Your choice. You have unlimited 6-month access to the course.


Print your Official Certificate INSTANTLY upon 4hr. completion: All counties.

No matter where in Florida you apply for marriage, we will not ask you to wait a "couple of days" for your certificate. You get it immediately.


Created and led by HealthGrades top 1% Licensed clinician in marriage & family category Nationally (2017-2023) & former Adjunct Professor of Psychology (Florida International University)

Count on Dr. Liliana Wolf, The Relationship Prof. to deliver this 100% video course in a didactic, lively, and engaging manner. Committed not to bore you with copied and pasted PDFs read on camera, a third-party narration, or a monotonous slide show filled with material you may already know.


Spanish version available

The only research-based non-denominational premarital preparation course of its kind with videos, reading material and fun activities in Spanish.


5-Star Licensed Psychotherapist (Florida), Healthgrades Reviews

As licensed Florida clinicians preparing couples for marriage, we believe that nothing speaks louder about our competency, reputation, and integrity than reviews of our work written by the actual patients/clients/couples we have served through the years. We proudly display our HealthGrades reviews.


Verified, authentic Google reviews written by couples just like you.

Authenticated and verified Google ratings and reviews you can trust.


Greater savings

Grateful at being the best-seller of premarital courses nationwide we pass the savings onto you so you can get THE BEST for less.


#1 Best-seller

Check our live purchase counter authenticated by Prove Source and join the tens of thousands -Yes, TENS OF THOUSANDS- of awesome Florida couples who have chosen Dr. Liliana Wolf, The Relationship Prof. to prepare them for marriage.


Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Recognized by our outstanding customer service since 1997.  You can buy with confidence. Your purchase is protected by our reputation with the BBB reflected in our A Plus rating.


Why Choose This Premarital Course?

Save time on your Florida marriage license


Avoid the 3-day mandatory wait time. With our certificate, you can get married the SAME DAY  you apply for you license.

Save money on your Florida marriage license


Get a $25 discount by showing your Certificate of Completion.

This course pays for itself.

Get Christian Marriage Preparation for FREE

Following THE blueprint that makes the dream of happily ever after a reality.

Florida marriage license

deepen your emotional& ESPIRITUAL connection

Florida marriage license


Through faith and science-based, enjoyable, fun, and educational interactive exercises and activities.

The only science-based and Christian faith marriage preparation


A union made in heaven.

A version specially crafted for Christian couples

With our $24.97 Official Florida Christian Premarital Course,

skip the 3-day mandatory waiting period, save $25 on your Florida marriage license, and

prepare for marriage with this engaging 100% video interactive premarital preparation course. Certified in ALL 67 Florida counties

Why is my Florida Premarital  Video-interactive Course
the #1 Best-seller?

Relationships are what I do

As a licensed clinician with over two decades of working with couples and families in South Florida, I see a world overloaded with misinformation and outdated relationship advice.

I wanted to change that, so I put on my old Prof. hat and started crafting my relationship online courses. But, of course, that was over tens of thousands of couples ago. 

Until now, I have been teaching couples how to strengthen their bond by sharing the principles of everlasting love with science-based, powerfully effective, and affordable premarital online courses.

This newer version expands on the scientific knowledge acquired by scholarly research on marital relationships by including Christian faith tenets. The result is a Marriage preparation course with a spiritual foundation that reflects the love of Christ for His Church coupled with the latest research findings presented in an easy-to-digest fashion. My team and I call it "A Marriage made in Heaven", and it is part of what makes it different.

On my end, I also wanted to provide couples with a different course- an engaging all-video one- not a boring copied and pasted PDF containing the same old stuff that couples may have already heard. So you see, even though so much is at stake and preparing for marriage is a serious business, I wanted this science and faith-based online premarital course to be entertaining!

This course is not just any faith-based online premarital preparation class. Instead, it is an implementation program where you will learn and practice through a series of interactive activities:

  • To build an emotionally safe environment, 

  • To facilitate deep emotional and spiritual connection

  • To become more accessible and emotionally responsive to each other,

  • To be even more engaged with each other,

  • To avoid entering the destructive cycle most married couples engage in. 

  • To curb impulsive reactions that end up causing pain and distance. 

  • To de-escalate conflicts. 

  • To repair rifts.

Should you decide to prepare for marriage with me, this is my promise to both of you:

I will provide you with THE blueprint to make the magic of true bonding last a lifetime.

I invite you to join the tens of thousands of Florida couples that prepared for marriage with me and learn the secrets to love everlasting.

You will get the best science-based and Christian-based course for the best price. GUARANTEED.

Dr. Wolf International Relationship Expert

My Healthgrades reviews as a clinician

review healthgrades.png
Dr. Wolf Healthgrades

Ready to learn the secret to love everlasting?

The $25 savings and skipping the 3-day wait are just the cherry on top. I promise!

:Dr. Wolf Has Been Featured in

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Money-back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely satisfied with my course, I will refund your money, period.

Here is a summary of my refund policy if you are not satisfied with this course:

  1. Request a refund via email within 30 days of purchase.

  2. My office will then issue a refund. No questions asked.

  3. *Please note that given that our Certificate of Completion is a legal document that grants the bearer State of Florida benefits on their marriage license application process,  we are unable to process a refund once the Certificate of Completion is issued. Should you wish a refund, kindly request this before completing 100% of this course.

Florida Premarital Course

Our Florida Couples' Stories

The Magic of Happily Ever After Starts Here

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My Professional Affiliations

iAMFC Florida Premarital Course
American Counseling Association Florida Premarital Course
The Florida Bar. Florida Premarital Course
American Psychological Association. Florida Premarital Course
  1. 741.0305 Marriage fee reduction for completion of premarital preparation course.—(1) A man and a woman who intend to apply for a marriage license under s. 741.04 may, together or separately, complete a premarital preparation course of not less than 4 hours. Each individual shall verify completion of the course by filing with the application a valid certificate of completion from the course provider, which certificate shall specify whether the course was completed by personal instruction, videotape instruction, instruction via other electronic medium, or a combination of those methods. All individuals who complete a premarital preparation course pursuant to this section must be issued a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course by their course provider. Upon furnishing such certificate when applying for a marriage license, the individuals shall have their marriage license fee reduced by $32.50.(2) The premarital preparation course may include instruction regarding:(a) Conflict management.(b) Communication skills.(c) Financial responsibilities.(d) Children and parenting responsibilities.(e) Data compiled from available information relating to problems reported by married couples who seek marital or individual counseling.(3)(a) All individuals electing to participate in a premarital preparation course shall choose from the following list of qualified instructors:1. A psychologist licensed under chapter 490.2. A clinical social worker licensed under chapter 491.3. A marriage and family therapist licensed under chapter 491.4. A mental health counselor licensed under chapter 491.5. An official representative of a religious institution which is recognized under s. 496.404(19), if the representative has relevant training.6. Any other provider designated by a judicial circuit, including, but not limited to, school counselors who are certified to offer such courses. Each judicial circuit may establish a roster of area course providers, including those who offer the course on a sliding fee scale or for free.(b) The costs of such premarital preparation course shall be paid by the applicant.(4) Each premarital preparation course provider shall furnish each participant who completes the course with a certificate of completion specifying the name of the participant and the date of completion and whether the course was conducted by personal instruction, videotape instruction, or instruction via other electronic medium, or by a combination of these methods.(5) All area course providers shall register with the clerk of the circuit court by filing an affidavit in writing attesting to the provider’s compliance with the premarital preparation course requirements as set forth in this section and including the course instructor’s name and qualifications, including the license number, if any, or, if an official representative of a religious institution, a statement as to relevant training. The affidavit shall also include the addresses where the provider may be contacted.History.—s. 5, ch. 98-403; s. 16, ch. 99-307.

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