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How To Get Over a Breakup Once and For All

The Definitive Course to Heal Your Broken Heart.

Te presento la mejor manera que tengo para ayudarte

Stronger after the breakup

Mi Curso Completo Online

Más Fuerte Después del Adiós


Aunque lo hayas intentado mil veces sin éxito

Have you ever wondered what life would be like when you finally overcome your heartbreak?

Say goodbye to days afflicted by anguish, sleepless nights, and obsessive thoughts. Let me help you uncover your inner strength so you can heal your broken heart for good.

“Thank you doctor Wolf for helping me find my way. It still feels like a dream to me. I feel, like the title "stronger after the breakup". Thank you for sharing this course with me when I was at my worst and didn't know how to get over my ex. What impacted me the most is recognizing that healing requires a total commitment to your whole being. Lesson learned.

- Betty. C.

If you are really determined  to say goodbye to all the failing attempts at healing; if you want to close cycles and wounds in a healthy way, if you are ready to unleash your strength, if you want to learn to regulate your emotions and finally take control of your mind, this program is for you. With it, I will accompany you throughout this process, guide you step by step with a final goal in mind: to heal your broken heart and change your life forever.




I have over 28 years of experience, and 7 years providing online consultation to clients with the same level of success in their processes as when I meet them face to face. With the plethora of possibilities that technology offers us today, I can assure you that online interaction is as effective as face-to-face encounters.


With my online courses I have successfully helped thousands of people of all walks of life.

The Definitive Course to Overcome a Breakup

Stronger After A Break-up:

How to Heal Your Broken Heart Once and For All

Ready to heal your heart for good?

This is not just any course; it is a ten-module practical program presented in a straightforward, yet compassionate manner. Together we will travel a scientifically proven route that works. One of a kind, rich in easy-to-apply tools and with an ultimate purpose: to help you overcome a breakup once and for all.

Stronger after the breakup

Online Course

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USD $69.97

✔ 100% online

✔ Workbook

✔ Tools

✔ Audios

✔ Updates

✔ At your own pace

✔ Unlimited Access

Do any of these sound familiar?

❤ Are you entrapped in such emotional pain that you find it hard to believe that you will ever be the same again?

❤ Do you feel stuck in the process of overcoming a heartbreak?

❤ Have you tried to 'turn the page' without success?

❤ Does it frustrate you to know that your ex-partner rebuilt his/her life while you can't get him/her out of your mind?

❤ Do you feel a plethora of emotions that confuse you?

❤ Would you like to get him out of your heart, but don't know where to start?

❤ Do you sometimes feel like you are the only one who has such a hard time healing your broken heart?

❤ Wondering what else you could do to forget him/her?

❤ Do you feel that your life has been negatively impacted by this breakup?

Stronger after the breakup

Getting over a breakup doesn’t have to drain all your energy or be a never-ending process

I bet you have spent days and nights fighting for yourself and shedding many tears throughout the process of trying to close this cycle in your life, to no avail. You may have heard stories of how someone managed to overcome a relationship breakup by reading this or that book. You may have encountered life coaches who promise to teach you how to overcome a breakup or how to heal after a divorce. All you have to do is follow their recommendations. The evidence they present you with, is that if it worked for them, it will for you.  I don't blame you for getting lost among so much information and without a guide to tell you where to devote your energy.

Stronger after the breakup

It’s time to heal

your broken heart.


I can help.

In case you have never heard of me, I am
Dr. Liliana Wolf, a licensed clinician and
super passionate about my work.

 I’d better be. 

I have been practicing psychotherapy for the last twenty-eight years, have worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life, and have witnessed the resilience of the human spirit at its best.
I am a former adjunct professor of psychology at Florida International University, author
and relationship expert.

Stronger after the breakup
Stronger after the breakup

Dr. Wolf has been featured in:

I have something to tell you about how to get over a breakup and I know you are not going to like it. But trust me, you need to know this. So here it goes.

Time does not heal wounds!


I know that's a pretty strong statement but let me explain this to you. Ever since I can remember I have heard people say: "time heals all wounds." And although I agree that there are circumstances where we do well to let time take care of things, healing the wounds left by the breakdown of a relationship is not one of them.

Although it is true that emotional recovery is a process that occurs over time, what truly makes the difference between overcoming a heartbreak without complications, leaving you stronger than ever, or being stuck in a never-ending grieving process, is NOT time, but what you do throughout  said time.

Stronger after the breakup

What We Know Works...

  • A program based on a scientific model streamlines the process

  • Having a delineated route whose effectiveness has been proven

  • Information provided by an expert in a clear and concise manner.

  • Participating in support groups reduces the chances of relapse.

Stronger after the breakup


Ready to heal your heart once and for all?

Here you have the most complete program to get over a breakup.

My Complete Online Course

Stronger After the Breakup


Even if you have tried a thousand times before without success

My promise is ...

to guide you step by step so that you can heal once and for all, achieving the transformation you want. You will accomplish this by implementing the best psycho-didactic-practical approach based on science, available in a solid combination of videos, audios, readings and workbook 100% online that you can follow at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

And here comes the best part


Instead of waiting months and investing $300 an hour with me in person, I’ve created an online course for less than a bucket of gourmet ice-cream for you!

Want to take a sneak peek?

This is just one module. You will get All 10 modules!

This isn’t just an online course, it’s an implementation program.

Stronger after the breakup



Stronger after the breakup

You Are in Pain. You Are Not Alone

In this module, you will learn to express your emotions instead of repressing them. You will have an essential tool that will allow you to regulate them. Includes a downloadable audio available only in this program.



Stronger after the breakup

Connection and disconnection

Heartbreak is painful. In this module you will discover your triggers and style with my quiz. In addition, you will learn to know yourself better and you will be able to take the necessary measures to avoid sabotaging your path to recovery.



Stronger after the breakup

Understanding Your Grieving Process

Immersed in the mourning process can be overwhelming and confusing. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in one of its stages. In this module you will have a tool that you can use every week to facilitate a healthy and uncomplicated grieving process.



Stronger after the breakup

Talk to yourself as you talk to someone you love

Practicing self-compassion becomes essential when you learn that it is not healthy to run away from pain. In this module, I will share a tool specifically designed to ease your pain.



Stronger after the breakup

Your childhood and your relationship with love.

In this module I will take you by the hand to uncover your own attachment style and something else: To reunite with your inner child. With my acclaimed downloadable audio "Reconnecting with Your Inner Child" available only in this program, you will have a helpful tool to fulfill your commitment to protect her.



Stronger after the breakup

 I am I

Few things can be more exciting than re-encountering with  yourself. I will provide you with an essential tool so you can discover what makes you unique and its importance in defining your healthy boundaries. Having clarity regarding who you are and what you represent, will allow you to recognize in time, the thoughts and behaviors that could delay your recovery.



Stronger after the breakup

You are you

This is the only module where the focus is on the one we choose to emotionally distance ourselves from. I will guide you step by step in a practical exercise that recent studies reveal, streamlines this healing process.



Stronger after the breakup

The courage to accept what can’t be

The storytelling technique will be just one of the creative vehicles that you will use in this module. It promises to mark a before and after in your process of overcoming the breakup of your relationship. When you own your story, you can write its ending.



Stronger after the breakup

Taking control of your thoughts and your feelings

This is the module with the most worksheets as exercising control of your thoughts and feelings, requires practice and discipline. This module, rich in tools, will allow you to recognize self-defeating messages and the surefire way to fight them.



Stronger after the breakup

Healing and forgiveness

I take you by the hand, step by step, in this final frontier through some of the same practices with which I have accompanied hundreds of people, who, like you, decided to forgive for their own sake.

This cycle closes for you and a new path opens.

Stronger after the breakup
Details of the course:
Stronger after the breakup

10 modules

Stronger after the breakup


Stronger after the breakup


Stronger after the breakup

Self-paced program

Stronger after the breakup


Stronger after the breakup

45 lessons

Stronger after the breakup

100% online

Stronger after the breakup


Stronger after the breakup


Stronger after the breakup

Unlimited Access

Value: Priceless

Regular Price: 457.00


USD $69.97

Your Instructors:

Liliana Wolf, Ph.D.  - Psychological Contribution

Stronger after the breakup

Dr. Liliana Wolf is a licensed psychotherapist in the State of Florida, USA.


She has practiced as a psychotherapist for the past twenty-eight years. She has worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life. She has recently been recognized as one of the top psychotherapists in her specialty nationwide by Healthgrades.


She is a former Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Florida International University, author, poet, interpersonal relations expert, and macro-influencer.

Brian Alexander Wolf, MD. - Neuroscientific Contribution

Dr. Wolf is multi-board certified in both neurology and epilepsy. Dr. Wolf practiced as a Neurologist at Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida and was actively involved in teaching medical students at Florida International University. Fluent in English and Spanish, he is a member of the American Academy of  Psychiatry and Neurology and American Epilepsy Society.

Dr. Wolf Dr. Wolf provides the neuro-scientific evidence for the course "Stronger After the Breakup: How to Heal Your Heart Once and For All".

Stronger after the breakup
Frequently asked questions

Who is this course best suited for?

No matter if you have recently experienced a breakup, separation or divorce, or have been nursing a broken heart for years, you will find this course will help you heal and find your sense of self, your strength once again. With this science-based program, you will discover that you can indeed be stronger after the breakup.

I am feeling depressed lately. Does this course replace psychotherapy?

While this course is not intended to replace psychotherapy when needed, it can certainly be used to complement it. I encourage you to seek professional help if you feel depressed and/or having suicidal thoughts.


Is the content available immediately?

Yes! Once you hit the buy button and fill in your credit card info, you’ll receive an email that will take you directly to all the content. Instant access for the win!

How long do I get access to the course? How does FOREVER sound?

Once you sign up, you get access to the course for life!

Note: Your results are entirely dependent on your attitude and effort in implementing the program.

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