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I’m Liliana Wolf, Psychotherapist Turned Relationship Prof.

Relationships is what I do. I have witnessed the plethora of emotions elicited by each end of the romantic relationship spectrum:

The joy, the exhilaration in getting ready to marry the love of your life; the pain, the grief in dissolving a union you had envisioned would last forever. 

Disconnection equals relationship pain, in my book.

With all the good (read evidence-based) data we have today about what makes a marriage work and flourish; how can this be?

The short answer: a world overloaded with a sea of misinformation and outdated relationship advice for couples eager to learn what it takes to maintain, protect, and enhance the love they had found in each other.

I wanted to change that, so I put on my old prof. hat, and started crafting my own relationship online course. That was over ten thousand couples ago. 

This blog is an extension of my work and my way to continue fulfilling my call.


I help couples, no matter what stage in their relationship they are at, maintain and enhance the joy, sense of belonging, acceptance, and understanding that true intimacy brings to their relationship, so they make the dream of happily forever after a reality.

I am grateful you are here.   xxx Liliana

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Liliana Wolf

Liliana Wolf, Ph.D.,LMHC

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