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The first 11 things to do after your engagement

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

You're Engaged! Congratulations! Now, What?

From telling your closest friends and family to posting spectacular shots of your engagement ring on social media: Here are 11 things to do following your engagement.

Getting engaged to the love of your life is one of the most incredible experiences you will encounter (besides your actual wedding day, of course). It's a moment you have been waiting for since you were younger, and the fact that it's finally happening makes for an even more whirlwind experience.

With so many heightened emotions and tasks ahead, it can sometimes be confusing what you should do in the following hours, days, and months that follow.

To make sure you don't forget to check any 'must-do' tasks off your list, here are 11 essential things you should do post-proposal.

1. Call Your Closest Family and Friends

Although this may be a more obvious check on our list, it's super essential for you and your fiancé to inform your closest friends and family of your exciting news before posting on social media.

They are guaranteed to match your excitement, and their cheers and abundant love will make the day even more extraordinary than you could have ever imagined. Take a picture of the ring and post it on social media.

2. Celebrate With Your Fiancé

Once you've broken the news to those closest to you and your fiancé, make sure to take time for the both of you to celebrate. As easy as it may be to get preoccupied with informing others, it's also essential to have time to celebrate just the two of you.

Whether it's going out for dinner or popping a bottle of champagne on the beach, those hours after your proposal are magical, so make sure to enjoy them while you can!

3. Tell the Rest of the World

Okay, now you can go ahead and tell the rest of the world your exciting news with a post to your social media accounts. There are so many creative ways to make a proposal announcement, so make sure to have fun with it. But above all else, make sure to enjoy spreading your happiness with others.

4. Get Your Ring Sized and Insured

Yes, you can get your engagement ring insured! While your fiancé may have already purchased insurance when they bought the ring, it's always worth looking into once you're engaged to be safe.

Regardless, you may also need to get your ring re-sized, so it fits snug and won't go anywhere even when you're waving your hands around with excitement.

5. Get Your Engagement Photos Done

Engagement photos are an excellent way to capture the influx of positive emotions in the following days or weeks after you have announced your engagement. You can even use some of your favorite shots to use on your wedding invitations down the line! So, make sure to take advantage of this!

6. Set a Budget

Nobody likes to crunch numbers –especially when it comes to your wedding day! However, setting a budget is crucial in ensuring your Pinterest wedding inspiration pins don't get too out of hand.

Weddings can be expensive, and it can lead to extravagant spending that goes way out of hand for some couples. That's why setting a budget beforehand will help you set guidelines for your expectations so you don't end up in debt afterward.

7. Choose a Date

Once you've set your budget, it's time to choose your date! Are you in for a destination wedding? Which season matches your theme? These are all questions to ask yourself while choosing your wedding date.

Just remember to provide your guests with enough time to save the date regardless of your plans.

8. Select Your Bridesmaids

Most couples already know for years who will be at their wedding party. So, once you've gotten engaged, it's always fun to ask your closest friends if they will stand up beside you when you say your vows. This is also a perfect excuse to keep celebrating and pop another bottle of champagne while you're at it.

9. Go Wedding Dress Shopping

It's never too early to go wedding dress shopping. Again, I'm sure you've all had wedding dresses pinned on your Pinterest boards for years! Book a day or two where you and all your bridesmaids and family can get together and make an entire day out of it.

And, you know what that means, more champaign!

10. Begin Researching and Planning Your Wedding

Getting a head start on planning is key once you have decided on a date. Most venues book well in advance. So, make sure to factor those aspects in while you are making important decisions.

Whether you're choosing to go with a wedding-planner or taking on the responsibility yourself, it's better to be as organized as possible, so you don't feel rushed and overwhelmed.

11. Practice Self-Care

Speaking of being overwhelmed, make sure you are practicing self-care as much as possible during this special time of your life. While this experience is wonderful and exciting, it can also be highly stressful! It's what we call eustress or good stress.

Regardless, stress is stress and if you want to stay happy and healthy while avoiding burnout, make sure to take time for yourself to breathe and focus on yourself once in a while.

The planning will be there after you have finished relaxing.


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