25 Shower Themes Guaranteed to Ignite your Creative Juices

Updated: Feb 15

Time to celebrate the special bride to be! If you're the one responsible for organizing the perfect bridal shower, you know that it can be quite the challenge. Starting with a theme can make the process much easier, and allows for some creativity. A fitting aesthetic can go a long way, and turn any event into a lively, joyous occasion. Choosing the right one makes it personal and can make any bride feel special. Whether she enjoys a relaxing evening in or a wild night out, here are 25 themes to help incorporate a bride's personality into her shower.

1. Caribbean Escape.

Palm trees, bright primary colors everywhere, calypso music, Bahama mamas galore, and a table overflowing with tropical goodies. Think fiery jerk chicken, mango avocado salad, and pineapple coconut rum cake for dessert. Bride and guests will think they reached paradise.

2. Paris in Spring.

Let the Eiffel Tower and fresh flowers be the backdrop for a bridal shower that spells ROMANCE everywhere you look. Welcome guests with champagne and hors d' oeuvres to get the party started. Pastel-colored macarons add a sweet and elegant touch. Use them to complement your chic décor.

3. Tea at Harrod's.

For the sophisticated bride with a taste for shopping in style, nothing is better than taking a break for tea at Harrod's London, of course. Welcome guests with London Martinis. A simple yet elegant décor of white tablecloth, sterling silver servers, a delicate porcelain tea set, tiered trays, and you are basically done! Create a menu of delicate finger sandwiches, mouthwatering scones, and an assortment of fragrant English tea, made to perfection, and you have an afternoon bridal shower fit for a queen.

4. We are the World.

She is a child of the world, loves to travel, and is an ambassador of goodwill. Honor her with a bridal shower that highlights her generous heart. Decorate the venue with souvenirs, maps, and/or pictures of each country she has traveled or volunteered. The menu is sure to be a plethora of treats inspired by the places this humanitarian bride has traveled to.

5. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in______ (any month).

Mariachi band music, or how about hiring a real mariachi band for the event? Traditional and fruit-flavored Margaritas will sure get everyone singing along and enjoying this Bridal Shower Fiesta. A colorful tablecloth serves as the backdrop for mouthwatering Mexican goodies made out of colorful corn-chips and salsa, taquitos, enchiladas, mini-tamales, to name a few. Add sombreros for everyone and a Piñata, and you have a Bridal Shower-Fiesta bride, and guests will never forget.

6. Roses are Red.

Think of red roses, and love and romance come to mind and heart. This fragrant flower is sure to leave its delicate aroma anywhere you place it. If this is the bride's favorite color, well, you are done when it comes to décor. And why stop here? How about welcoming guests with an assortment of romantic red cocktails and red pepper-filled appetizer hearts?

a. Red velvet sweet treats and an assortment of chocolates will turn this bridal shower into an event that spells "I am in love."

7. English Garden.

An afternoon in the garden is one of the best ways to spend a day with your guests. The English sophistication is brought out in such an event. What is more English than guests dressed in fancy hats, a calm set up at the garden with a menu consisting of pickles and pies, biscuits, and scones. Tea is served with cameo tea holders and adding to the English flair, English garden margaritas, and Primm Cup's signature cocktail. Guests get to leave with pretty favor bags of candy sealed with personalized stickers.

8. Sun & Fun at the Beach.

Who said the beach must be in the Caribbean? The sea is everywhere you want it to be. For a bride who prefers relaxation to everything else, this might be your miracle answer. Treat yourself and your bridesmaids to an unforgettable beach bridal shower with the day's activities explained on a surfboard. A menu of seafood is served. Low ottomans and colorful pillows are set on the beach around a low table decorated with tea lights, sea stars, and urchin pebbles. Your guests also get to enjoy personalized towels and a swim under the soothing sea breeze.

9. Cowgirl’s dream.

Every cowgirl's vision is to bring the West to her. Make this a reality through a cowgirl themed bridal shower—welcome guests to a farm with western treats, cacti, and horseshoe décor. There is no cowgirl fun without barn-worthy activities like line dancing to country music and rodeo. Things get even more Western with cowboy boot mugs, leather and straw cowgirl hats, a trunk for the gifts to the bride-to-be, and temporary western tattoos. So, put on your cowgirl boots and take a tour to the Wild West.

10. Retro memories.

Nothing better than a throwback bridal shower. Give the bride a walk down the good old days through retro-styled dresses and hairstyles. Create the 50s and 80s vibe through a personalized place setting with vintage coke bottles and cute sunglasses. Provide a photo booth for guests to take pictures. A menu that contains diner party treats, not forgetting vintage cars at the venue to create the retro scene.

11. Rustic Manor.

Let the guests be welcomed to this destination bridal shower by a rustic party sign giving instructions on what is to occur—experience nature through a rustic desk with a countryside view. Relax and enjoy a serene ambiance in a loft overlooking the main hall and bridal rooms. Get fresh air in the outdoor picnic area while sitting on barrels and celebrate the bride in a twinkle lit barn.

12. Mystic Zen Retreat.

The soft lighting and warmth of tea light candles make this the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and serenity. Guests will relax, chat, and eat like a true yogi. Hire a yoga instructor to lead a beginner's class or guide you through a meditation, something that everyone can surely benefit from. Provide mats or ask guests to bring their own in the invitations. Take a deep breath and indulge in a light and nourishing menu filled with vegan finger foods, fresh sushi, and rejuvenating green tea. A truly serene, refreshing theme makes this a perfect antidote to the stress of wedding planning.

13. All Aboard.

What's better than a party on a boat? Basically nothing, which is why a nautical theme is a perfect way to celebrate a lady of honor who loves the water. Charter a spacious sailboat or create a nautical setting outdoors with plenty of seafood and drinks. Use twinkle lights underneath a gazebo to continue the party at night. Set a dress code that requests navy blue nautical stripes and sun hats and decorate with anchors, ropes, and paddles.

14. Fashionista Extravaganza.

For a bride who exudes a high sense of fashion, luxury, class, beauty, it is fit to celebrate her with a bridal shower that allows her to infuse her persona. Create an exclusively extravagant soiree for the bride and guests with decors that portray the sleek couture. Use table covers, and backdrops to create a bright atmosphere. A dining hall is the perfect backdrop. Decor elements like upholstered chairs, flower crowns, and a red-carpet runway are perfect for creating a strong fashion energy.

15. An Elegant Affair.

“Elegance is the beauty that never fades” stated Audrey Hepburn. So, think of Breakfast at Tiffany. Fill the room with lavish bouquet of flowers stationed on different tables with crystal chandeliers to create an exquisite experience. Items like refined tabletops, ornate cake stands, sumptuous desserts, assortment of hors d'oeuvres, cocktails made to order, complement the theme. If budget allows, how about hiring a butler for the ultimate elegant experience?

16. Funny Bone Comedy Club.

If your bride just loves comedy shows, it is only fitting to invite her to celebrate a special moment with guests in a Funny Bone Comedy Club themed bridal shower. Pull up unique comedy stunts for her and her guests. Create fun-filled and raving moments with the room filled with laughter, chuckles and music. Create a stand-up comedy room with a lot of jokes about marriage, family, or romance. A well-stocked bar and appetizers is all you need in a bridal shower where laughter takes center stage.

17. All in White (except the bride).

For a stylish and unique way of creating a memorable bridal experience for the bride and the guests. Use beautiful decor elements like white, silver, an exquisite blend of peach, burlap lace, etc. The gift table and picture settings should be embellished with crepe paper and variants of whites. Guests all dressed in white complement this all-white décor. Tip: Bride is the only one who is asked to avoid wearing white at all costs.

18. Romantic Retreat.

For a bride who wants to be veiled with romance, the Victorian decor will set the delicate tone. A backyard with grand oak and willow trees oversee the elegant table settings and shimmering candle decor, making this shower a sensational one.Scatter picnic quilts over the yard and implement lots of lace and sweet-smelling rosebuds for a charming, relaxed display. Use beautiful, vibrant jewel-toned blues, burgundy, and copper for an antique feel. Put up a photo booth for guests to take black and white pictures as a way to remember this sentimental day.

19. Music to My Ears.

This is the perfect theme for the fierce lover of music who wants her guests to enjoy the scintillating notes of her favorite tunes. Invitation cards with musical notes or quotes inscribed set the theme in motion. Hire a DJ to engage, entertain bride and guests if the budget allows, or play a carefully curated playlist with the bride’s favorite tunes and the ambiance is set. For a little extra, how about making room for a DIY drink bar that allows guests to mix their favorite drinks with just one stipulation: to name the drink after a song. Light florals and greenery complement the music experience.